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Solutions and Results Oriented Problem Solvers

Paula Marie Design Studio is a firm that approaches projects with a mind set focused on solutions and results.  It can be difficult to sort through who to choose for your next project.  Perhaps you desire more than interior design such as renovation updates small or large, and feel confused who to turn to.  We understand.  As problem solvers we work with our clients who are in need of trusted design professionals to help achieve your entire project goals.

Creating a custom-built dream home, renovating your current residence, or simply looking for an uplift to your interior or exterior spaces can be an exciting and thoughtful process. You know what you want, let me help guide you with your interior design, or assist in your project oversight.

Did you know that the design process is much more than the idea of a beautiful space? What really counts is how the design process is executed.


When you hire us to help with your design project, here are a few results you can expect:

  • We will meet you with a joyful attitude so that you may feel comfortable.
  • We will offer precise costs so that you may make an informed decision.
  • We will work within your budget so that you are not blind-sided by mystery up-charges.
  • We will listen with attentiveness so that you feel heard.
  • We will come to you with solutions to your problems so that you may live your life with less stress.
  • We will communicate clearly so that you understand the process.
  • We will address challenges and provide solutions, so your time is available for the important things in your life.
  • We will communicate with trades people (not by waving my hands around), by using a tape measure so things are done right the first time.
  • We will audit tradesmen upfront and review work as it occurs so that mistakes can be corrected immediately.

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