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Design Consulting

Solutions and results oriented problem solvers

Paula Marie Design Studio is a firm that approaches projects with a mind set focused on solutions and results.  It can be difficult to sort through who to choose for your next project.  Perhaps you desire more than interior design such as renovation updates small or large, and feel confused who to turn to.  We understand.  As problem solvers we work with our clients who are in need of trusted design professionals to help achieve your entire project goals.

Design can and does encompass many areas of your space. It could be that you are looking for a room or home refresh, in need of an entire home design floor plan to include furnishings, updating, or renovating your home.

Let’s get started.

Scenario 1 – Help Me Choose

You have just purchased a home and you are not sure if your furnishings will work with the new layout. Furthermore, you are busy with work and the kids. You need a painter, new furnishings and design plans for the bedrooms, and the color of your kitchen cabinets are too dark. You are overwhelmed on where to begin.

Scenario 2 – Strong Design Opinion

You have a solid design sense; you know what you want and need a designer who listens and understands how to make your vision come to life. In this case, we attack the project with “togetherness”. It becomes a collaboration of talent and respect as we work together.

Scenario 3 – Long Term Homestead

You have lived in your home for two decades, the kids are older and now it’s your time to renew, refresh, and enjoy your home in a different way. You don’t know where to start but you know that there are important furniture pieces and artwork that you’d like to keep. The bathrooms and kitchen need to be updated but you do not want to renovate the entire house.

How do I step in to help solve these problems? I will meet with you via video conference for a 30-minute consultation and we’ll get to know each other. When you hire me, I will turn around a precise design plan. Once approved and tweaked, we will begin executing the plan so that you may feel less stressed and can focus on the excitement surrounding a new home purchase.

We offer full-service design consulting and bring in a pool of talent that will help you achieve your design goals. Services Include:

  • Furnishings
  • Color Selection
  • Artwork
  • Lighting
  • Floor Planning
  • Window Treatments

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