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Project Management

Solutions and results oriented problem solvers

Paula Marie Design Studio is a firm that approaches projects with a mind set focused on solutions and results.  It can be difficult to sort through who to choose for your next project.  Perhaps you desire more than interior design such as renovation updates small or large, and feel confused who to turn to.  We understand.  As problem solvers we work with our clients who are in need of trusted design professionals to help achieve your entire project goals.

For Renovation and New Build Projects

Renovating your current home or building your dream home should be a smooth process that is exciting. As Project Managers, we come in at the beginning of the project – the planning and organizing stage of your Renovation or New Build construction project. Since this is the planning and organizing stage, this involves the creation of lists, processes, budget allocations, and other project components that the contractor deems is required to accomplish a finished product. Project management continues as the tasks are being done towards the completion of such a project and overlaps with project oversight along the way.

Scenario 1– Renovation Project

You have hired an architect and a contractor for your two-story addition. You would like to expand your first floor living space, renovate your kitchen, and create a large master bedroom and bath. We will meet with your team and go over the details of the project including the budget, timeline, and design. Considerations and adjustments are made during this stage, specifically items that may be missed by a builder. Questions such as windows selection, exterior color and fixtures are considered, as well as the interior design and color plan. We will be part of your team to ensure every detail, including design elements are accounted for so that the budget is on-point.

Scenario 2 – Renovation Project

You would like to renovate your home and have no idea where to begin. This is where we come in for an initial consultation to go over your ideas, help you find the proper architect and builder, discuss budget, and review contracts. From there we transition into, interior designer, overseeing the project through the construction process.

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