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Project Oversight

Solutions and results oriented problem solvers

Paula Marie Design Studio is a firm that approaches projects with a mind set focused on solutions and results.  It can be difficult to sort through who to choose for your next project.  Perhaps you need to go beyond interior design and such as home improvements to include recessed lighting, hardwood floor installation, or customer cabinetry.  You may feel confused who to turn to.  We understand.  As problem solvers we work with our clients who are in need of trusted design professionals to help achieve your entire project goals.

Scenario – Renovation and New Build Projects

Washington, D.C. Contemporary Residence - ExteriorProject oversight occurs after a project has begun and is the checker of processes and progress of the renovation or new build. In this role, we act as a safeguard against a project not being completed on-budget, on-time, and within specified parameters for completion. In short, we are the watchdog that makes sure a project gets done according to plan, and following the timeframe, budget, and steps needed for it to be done. Considered a guide of sorts, we help the project stay on course.

Where do we fit it?

Scenario – New Build Construction

Your new home is being built. The foundation has been laid and the frames are erected. This begins the electrical and plumbing rough-in stage. One of our roles is to make sure that we check electrical box placements so that they coincide with the drawings and design plan. For example – Is the electrical box for the chandelier placed where the design plan indicates before the drywall is installed? Is the wet bar pluming situated where the plans indicate? Throughout the construction phase, there are many problems that can arise. For example, you are at work and have no idea that there are no subs at your home site, delaying the project and ramping up frustration; the wrong tile was installed in the bathroom, a mess was left at the job site, the wrong material was used for the subfloor, the painters are using cheap paint and/or did not prime all surfaces before applying the final layer, or the tile installers clogged the pipes with debris, causing a flood which may be rolled into your cost. These are just a few common and real-life examples that can and do occur. With our expertise and attention to detail, we will actively perform site visits and audit tradesmen upfront and will review work as it occurs so that you may be free from headaches and distractions in your day-to-day life. With strong communication skills, you will receive progress notes as the project evolves.

Working as a team member will make sure that the project is running smoothly, timely, and on budget.

In a nutshell, when you hire us as a project manager with project oversight, these two positions work together. They make sure that your project gets completed according to specifications, budget, and timeframe. Having these two in place when your project is first being scheduled and while it is running will help ensure that you do not lose any money in the process. This is because these two positions help make sure that things are well-planned, and then well-executed, without straying from what is the supposed path of the project.

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